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      Rick Doblin, Ph.D. Shares his Ibogaine Experience

      There are many many Ibogaine success stories and interviews, but Rick Doblin is one of my favorites. Rick Doblin is a Ph.D. and is the founder of the psychedelic research group, MAPS. In this video, Rick talks about his journey with Ibogaine mixed with a bit of LSD. Rick explains that the effects of LSD hit

      Awakening in the Dream

      The Awakening in the Dream program offers professional Ibogaine treatment in  Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. The offer a framework for treatment which includes post-treatment as well as safety preparations. The facility works very closely with their primary care physician who does all of the initial examinations. The facility is run very professionally. AID treats addictions to Heroin, Methadone

      Crossroads Treatment Center

      Crossroads Treatment Center is located in beautiful Rosarito Beach, Mexico. Crossroads offers a wide range of services and Ibogaine treatment is one of them. The believe that each and every patient has individual needs as oppose to a global fix for all addicts. They are primarily focused on correcting the unique imbalances in which cause

      Ibogaine Sanctuary

      Ibogaine Sanctuary looks more like a beach resort than a drug rehabilitation center. Around and inside the facility is absolutely beautiful and they offer 5 star amenities. The staff believe that a beautiful and relaxing atmosphere is key when in treatment.This facility is located in Baja, California which is a Mexican state just south of

      Welcome to Ibogaine For Addiction!

      We are pleased to announce the start of Ibogaine for Addiction. This site/organization is dedicated to bringing all of the information we can about using Ibogaine to kick opiates. This includes heroin, methadone, morphine, oxycontin, oxycodone, hydrocodone and anything else opiate related. Treatment Centers We will be listing treatment centers and facilities all around the world. Currently,

Ibogaine Success Stories

Hear from people that got help from Ibogaine

  • Since Iboga I have experienced a profound change. A grounding and calmness has washed over me. There is absolutely no tension, even at work. The edge has been softened. The day after I returned home, I called in sick for the first time in three years. I took the day off because I wanted to. The over-achiever has relaxed, relishing in enjoying life in the moment, not planning and having to “do.”

    Kris Reeder,

  • I feel that there’s more energy inside of me now. I don’t feel depressed. I’m volunteering in social and community events. Before taking the therapeutic dose I was too tired and depressed.

    Scoop Calais ,

  • There is no other experience like Ibogaine. It is not like any other psychedelic that I have known. In my Ibogaine trip, my deeper subconscious was explored and had emerged many of my repressed memories. I felt the cells of my body unlocking stale memories that I had stored and not dealt with.

    Liza L,